Not a pretty rose, but a beautiful rose!! Photographing flowers is usually all about their beautiful colours. Vibrant and full of saturation to “paint” a beautiful picture with your camera. But sometimes you have to focus on shapes, rather than colours. That’s what I did when I photographed a Desert rose. I focused on gettingContinue reading

A new genre for me – Fitness

This is one genre that I have not explored much. An available model motivated me to get myself into gear and try something new. The main aim, my opinion, is to accentuate muscle definition. Lighting plays a vital role in this. Your model can be absolutely perfect, but if the light, especially the direction ofContinue reading “A new genre for me – Fitness”

Photographing my four legged children

Hedianga Farm was just the place for a family outing. My good friend Brendan Hohls introduced us to the place. A wonderful place to do some hiking and be out in nature. It was a great opportunity for me to photograph my two four legged children, Nugi and Peanut. It was over the rocks, spinningContinue reading “Photographing my four legged children”