A new genre for me – Fitness

This is one genre that I have not explored much. An available model motivated me to get myself into gear and try something new. The main aim, my opinion, is to accentuate muscle definition. Lighting plays a vital role in this. Your model can be absolutely perfect, but if the light, especially the direction of the light is not correct, the images will have absolutely no impact. Generating shadows and highlighting the rim of the muscled arm, is I thought was necessary. Lighting from both sides, diagonally aimed at the model was the lighting setup I used the most! If you have your lighting setup right, all you have to do is to wait for your model to get the right pose, aim and shoot.
Thank you very much for Luc Smith who was such a fun model to work with and my husband Rudolph who helped with the lighting setup!!

What did I learn? Shadows plays a very important role in this genre. Move your light until you have a well exposed image with deep, dark shadows. Monochrome conversion works excellent with this genre!!

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