Photographing my four legged children

Hedianga Farm was just the place for a family outing. My good friend Brendan Hohls introduced us to the place. A wonderful place to do some hiking and be out in nature. It was a great opportunity for me to photograph my two four legged children, Nugi and Peanut. It was over the rocks, spinning in the sand and their first introduction to some swimming. Getting into the little pond needs some more practice, but we will get there. This is going to be a regular outing for the Oosthuizens, Brendan and his dog Henry!


Me and a friend decided to visit Marievale Bird Sanctuary on Sunday 6 September ’20. We got up very early to be able to arrive at Marievale just after sunrise.

Due to Covid regulations, all the hides are closed and we had to “walk and stalk” alongside the dams. The water level is very low, as the rainy season only starts in Oct/Nov. My motto usually is: “This is what you have, make it work!!” It was a great morning with a lot of images. My main aim was to get some pictures of the flamingo’s. I was very excited when we saw a whole dam covered with pink flamingo’s. Thank you Giuseppe for all the fun we had!! A few pictures to show what I saw through my lens. Enjoy!!