How to approach a Set Subject

A set subject is part of every club competition. Each and every month there is a new set subject to photograph. I really enjoy set subjects. I transformed one of my presentations into an article. I hope you will enjoy it!

Not a pretty rose, but a beautiful rose!! Photographing flowers is usually all about their beautiful colours. Vibrant and full of saturation to “paint” a beautiful picture with your camera. But sometimes you have to focus on shapes, rather than colours. That’s what I did when I photographed a Desert rose. I focused on gettingContinue reading

New Project Launch

My project for 2020 – The Battle to Conquer Darkness. Go to Projects and download your free copy

Launch announcement!!

My brand new Sphere Scapes range. Launch special: 15% discount on any Sphere Scape print and 10% discount on any other printing order till 30 Sept ’20!!


Me and a friend decided to visit Marievale Bird Sanctuary on Sunday 6 September ’20. We got up very early to be able to arrive at Marievale just after sunrise. Due to Covid regulations, all the hides are closed and we had to “walk and stalk” alongside the dams. The water level is very low,Continue reading “VISIT TO MARIEVALE”

Launch of new Landscape Range

On Monday 14 September I will launch my brand new Landscape Range. This is a new and fresh look at landscapes that is far beyond the traditional style of landscapes. Watch this space!!

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