I will rather stick to photography and poetry/writing

I am very honest to say – I am not an IT person. Working with computers and web design, is definitely not my “thing”. Last week Friday I launched my 2021 project, thank you for those who took the time to read through it. Before I could launch, I had to load it on my website and 21h30, after I almost lost my cool, a friend offered to help me. Together we eventually had the project loaded. Thank you Francois for your unlimited patience and help until dreadful hours of the night!!

Today I tried to do something else on my website and YET AGAIN, I struggled. If it wasn’t for Mariaan, I would have given it all up for a bad job! You are always prepared to help me with patience and love, thank you so much!!

I decided that I will stick to photography and poetry/writing.

“Life is like an open road. You are not always sure what the next turn will bring along, but being on the exciting journey, you will receive the gift of living!!”

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