Street Photography in Maboneng

Street Photography, also known as Photo Journalistic (PJ) type of images, is a genre that I have not explored that much. But when I do explore this genre, I really enjoy it! I think each photographer will have their own unique opinion, but I will share my opinion with you

Brendan, Marlene and myself went to Maboneng in Johannesburg a few weekends ago. We arrived just after sunrise. Streets were empty, but it was not long before people started to move around. So sad to see so many people drunk so early in the morning, but I guess it was just the day after the night before!!

What do you look for when digging into Street Photography? To me it is all about the people in their environment and their emotions. When you take an image without them knowing, you will get that absolutely honest emotions. I first take a few images without them knowing and then approach them to ask if I can take a few pictures. It was such a wonderful experience to see their reaction when I approached them. Everybody was smiling and gave me their best pose and smile. I would like to go back soon, entering the more isolated areas, as I know that would produce even better images. But you must always leave something for a next time!! Until next time!!

One thought on “Street Photography in Maboneng

  1. My Favourite genre Alta, love it. Love your images they tell many stories which that is what Street Photography is all about, the decisive moment and many other aspects. Also love it in Black and White.


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